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2017 Pretty Polly Home Produced Rules

PRETTY POLLY – HOME PRODUCED 2017    posted 04/11/16
After a wonderful area chairmans meeting on Tuesday I would like to share a little information.
The proposed changes to the rules were needed to stop a couple of families who were having full time grooms to produce their ponys at home – this is not the spirit of home produced.
Sadly the strength of the rule effected many many geniune home produced people.
What was agreed in the meeting, which has to be agreed and passed by council in a couple of weeks time ( should be fine ) will in my opinion give the best pp rules ever and will be clear and striaght forward.
When it is signed off I will put up the rules and make as many people aware of them.
Not knowing your rules is no defence so you will need to read fully , I’m happy to answer questions along with any area chairman or head office once they are published.

Tim Gibson – Area Chairman

Family home produced 2017 Pretty Polly